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Zigmod Documentation

Zigmod is a prototype package manager for the Zig programming language.

You can learn more about Zig here:

The rest of this documentation will assume you already have Zig installed.

As Zig is still in development itself, if you plan to contribute to Zigmod you will need a master download of Zig. Those can be obtained from

The earliest Zig release this Zigmod was verified to work with is 0.11.0.


You may download a precompiled binary from or build the project from source.

Build Zigmod from source

$ git clone
$ cd zigmod
$ zig build -j1

Getting Started

Check here for the full command reference.

Check here for the zigmod.yml reference.

Check here for the deps.zig reference.

There is now also a tutorial-style guide that goes over various use cases that Zigmod provides and caters to. It is available here.

A new project

Create a new directory for your project and run these commands to get started:

$ git init
$ zig init-exe
$ zigmod init

You will also want to add /.zigmod and /deps.zig to your .gitignore.

Then run zigmod fetch. After that you will be ready to integrate Zigmod with your existing build.zig which you can learn how to do here.


Zigmod is but a prototype and not the official Zig package manager. As such I wanted to lay out some of the guiding principles learned/used when making the project. You can find that document here.